Body Polish

Our body polish is a lovely mix of sugar, clay and shea butter that is great for both exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

If your skin could talk, it would ask you for this sugar scrub. It's that good!

 - Citrus and vanilla come together to make this happy scent!  This polish smells so wonderful that you might be tempted to eat it.  Stop – put down that spoon!

Lavender Spirit  - A polish should be invigorating to your skin, but can it be calming too? Yes!  With notes of lavender, vanilla and chamomile, this polish is great during a nice evening bath or any time you need to de-stress. We all need more zzz… 

Coconut Beach  - If summer had a scent, this would be it -- a light coconut scent with a fruity twist. Customers call it a vacation in a jar. Soooo good!

Mint Julep - This polish will wake you up on a dreary Monday morning! Also perfect for an at-home spa treatment for your feet, leaving them feeling soft and refreshed. Due to the type of essential oils in this product, please wash hands thoroughly after use.

Margarita  – The only way to get through this extended heatwave is with this refreshing sugar scrub. The scent is reminiscent of my favorite cocktail minus the alcohol. Only available for a limited time!

Sweet Pumpkin - This seasonal treat has the comforting scent of pumpkin with just the right amount of sweetness and a hint of spice -- so so good. We think it smells like Thanksgiving! Perfect for the cooler months when we crave all the scents of the changing season. 

7.0 oz / 198 g of sugary, moisturizing goodness for your skin.