Body Butter

This rich body butter deeply moisturizes and helps restore your body's natural moisture barrier. A little goes a long way.

Due to the beautiful whipped texture of our Body Butter and the hot Texas weather, we only ship our Butter during the cooler months* –– typically November through March. 

Orange Vanilla (This is our Original scent.) - This original scent from our line blends citrus with vanilla for a sweet blend that instantly lifts your mood. The oils in this blend were intentionally chosen with your whole family in mind. It's a delicious scent for the skin.

Sugared Lavender - Warm lavender blended with the subtle sweetness of chamomile and a touch of vanilla, makes this butter wonderful after a nice evening bath or anytime you need to de-stress. 

*IMPORTANT - If you live in a warm climate or it's still warm in your area (i.e. South Texas and South Florida), there is a good chance that your butter might melt in transit if exposed to 85º F + for extended periods of time. Scoop up your package promptly from outdoor mail receptacles OR wait to order until cooler weather arrives. We cannot be responsible for replacing the melted product.